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Portable Mini Blender for Shakes & Smoothies

Portable Mini Blender for Shakes & Smoothies

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Portable and Convenient

The personal blender, with a capacity of 350ml/12 oz, offers compactness and portability. Its ease of use is unparalleled: simply place your ingredients into the cup, align it with the base of the blender, press the "on" button, and await the magic. After a brief moment, it's time to savor your juice, milkshake, or fruit and vegetable drink. This swift and hassle-free process makes it a perfect fit for home, office, travel, and more.

Food-Grade Materials

Your safety takes precedence. Crafted from food-grade PP and ABS materials, the portable juicer cup is both BPA-free and non-toxic. With an eco-friendly design, you can relish your fresh and nutritious creations without any concerns.

Safe and Effortless Cleaning

Equipped with built-in safety features, the blender guards against overheating and won't function if components are improperly assembled. Thanks to its one-button automatic cleaning, along with a smart safety protection device and magnetic sense switch, this blender offers an ultra-safe user experience. Additionally, the cup is removable and easily cleaned, ensuring optimal hygiene after a simple flush.

Wireless USB Rechargeability

Fitted with a high-quality built-in wireless rechargeable lithium battery, a single full charge empowers the squeezing of approximately 14 cups of juice consecutively. The included USB cable allows for effortless charging via power banks, laptops, computers, and other USB devices.

Exceptional Mixing

The blender boasts stainless steel blades, precisely 4 in number, engineered for impeccable mixing. With their prowess, they effortlessly transform any assortment of fruits and vegetables into delectable smoothies. Relish the joy of crafting your own culinary delights

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Customer Reviews

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Vivianne Hane

Very good! I loved

Bennett Lang

Hello! I received the item but why 1200 Mach in it? Ordered 2400 and paid dearly. Why is there no 2400?

Cory Roob

Looks very good I

Mckayla Turcotte

Portable Mini Blender

Tressie Batz

I am very satisfied with my purchase, I will recommend others it is very effective for the trip and quality level and shipping very appreciated thank you💕💕💕